Your Last-Minute Holiday Thrift Gift Guide We all know that the best holiday gifts come with a story.

At Discovery Shop, we've curated a selection of unique, high-quality items that make the perfect gift. Whether a vintage leather clutch, a collection of glassware, or a retro vinyl record, you'll find something special for the loved ones on your last-minute list.

1. Jewelry:
The Perfect Finishing Touch Jewelry is a timeless gift that adds a personal touch to any outfit. Our stores are brimming with unique pieces, from vintage brooches to statement necklaces and quirky earrings. Each piece carries a history and a charm that can't be replicated by mass-produced items.






2. Vintage Board Games:
Fun Flashbacks for the Win Head straight to the board game section for classic finds. Vintage board games not only bring a wave of nostalgia but can also spark impromptu game nights during the holidays.




3. Funky Tote Bags:
Multi-Functional, Eco-Friendly Style Tote bags are both practical and versatile. Find one with a quirky design, a funny slogan, or a unique pattern. Perfect for carrying groceries, books, or even serving as an eco-friendly gift bag.







4. Mismatched Teaware:
Unexpected Eye-Catching Pairings Create a charming and eclectic tea set by selecting mismatched cups and saucers. Tie them together with a ribbon and add a box of gourmet tea for a thoughtful, yet quick tea time gift.





Wrapping: Get Creative With Scarves

Why stick to traditional wrapping paper when you can be more creative (and eco-friendly)? Try using our beautiful thrifted scarves for wrapping your gifts. This method, known as furoshiki, is a traditional Japanese wrapping technique that's both beautiful and sustainable. Plus, the scarf becomes an extra gift in itself!

Shopping Smart While Fighting Cancer

When you shop at Discovery Shop, you're not just finding unique gifts – you're supporting the American Cancer Society. With a full range of unique, pre-loved items, all your purchases support our mission directly.

So why wait? Make your last-minute holiday shopping count by choosing gifts that tell a story. Visit your local Discovery Shop today and discover the joy of thrifting. We promise you’ll leave with more than just gifts – you’ll leave with memories.