White Elephant Gift For The Win This Holiday Season

Is purchasing a White Elephant Gift for your holiday gathering on your long list of December deadlines? Not to worry! At your local Discovery Shop, you can use this time-tested tradition to infuse creativity, connection and laughter into any festive gathering. Whether you want to leave your friends, family and colleagues in stitches or create a bidding war with your gift-giving prowess, visit your local Discovery Shop today; we’ll help you find something special that sets just the right mood for your sense of humor and style.

When You Need A Little Comic Relief…

White elephant gift exchanges can spark joy, adding an ounce of absurdity and lots of laughter to annual holiday season gatherings that need a makeover. Join us as we unwrap a collection of side-splitting, eyebrow-raising, and downright hilarious white elephant gift ideas that are sure to make your gift exchange a memorable one.

  • VHS Workout Tapes: Help your friends stay fit in retro style with a collection of VHS workout tapes. Bonus points if you find gems like "Jazzercise with Jane Fonda" or "Sweatin' to the Oldies." These relics from the past are not only entertaining but also a nostalgic trip down exercise memory lane.

  • The Mystery Box: Wrap up an unassuming box with the label "Mystery Box" and let the suspense build. Fill it with an odd assortment of thrift store finds – a vintage Cheerios t-shirt, a disco ball keychain, a puzzle from a superhero from the past  – the possibilities are endless. The joy comes from the unexpected and eclectic nature of the items inside.

Go ahead, let your creativity take center stage.

Tasteful Treasures to Inspire…

Your local Discovery Shop is also filled with endless functional treasures if belly laughs from the crowd are not your cup of tea. 

  • Scented Candles: Scented candles are a great addition to any holiday decor. Choose cinnamon to set a spicy and warm vibe at your next holiday gathering, or look for a floral scent to set the stage for the spring season. Look for lavender, rose, magnolia or lilac.  

  • The Creative Clutch: A pop of color from a hand-embroidered clutch can add just the right splash to your  evening look. Whether your fellow party goers prefer denim with a flare or a black dress to impress, a clutch with personality has the power to steal the show.

  • Decorative Boxes: Invite international intrigue into any home with a brightly colored decorative box. In addition to looking great on the shelf, these boxes are functional, and great for storing earrings, small change or safety pins and needles for your next sewing project. 

Remember, the key to a successful White Elephant gift is to embrace the whimsy, find something unexpected, and, most importantly, share a laugh with friends, family members and coworkers. So head to your local Discovery Shop today to start hunting for that perfect White Elephant gift that will be the talk of your holiday town for years to come.