Styling Metals in Your Home: A Guide to Mixing and Matching

Metallics are having a moment in the world of interior design, and we're not just talking about the classic gold and silver. Chrome, stainless steel, and other 'hot' metals are making waves, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication to any space. But how do you incorporate these shiny elements into your home without it looking like a disco ball exploded? Let's dive in!

Understanding the Hues

Metals, like colors, have warm and cool undertones. Warm metals include brass, copper, gold, and nickel, while cool metals consist of stainless steel, chrome, and silver. Understanding these undertones is key to creating a balanced and harmonious look in your room.

Mastering the Mix

Contrary to popular belief, you can mix different types of metals in a single room. In fact, doing so adds depth and interest to your space. Here's how:

1. Balance is Key: Mixing metals is all about creating balance. Stick to the 60-30-10 rule: Choose a dominant metal (60%), a secondary metal (30%), and an accent metal (10%).

2. Pair According to Undertones: Mixing warm and cool metals can create an appealing contrast. For instance, the warmth of brass works well against the coolness of chrome.

3. Consider Your Room's Color Palette: If your room has more warm hues, opt for warm metals like copper and gold. For cooler palettes, consider cast iron or stainless steel.

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Also, get more inspiration on your Pinterest Board. Happy decorating!